Mom Fail

Harper and I went out to lunch with some good friends and former colleagues today.  We managed to get ourselves out of the house and downtown in the snow just fine, until I realized upon stepping out of the car that I was missing my entire diaper bag. You heard me correctly. The whole thing. 

So, I took a deep breath and decided that really, since she had eaten recently enough, we just needed to avoid a diaper disaster for an hour, and we should be ok. 

These happy, unassuming photos were taken about halfway through our lunch: 


After we passed Harper around and oohed and ahhed at what an adorable bundle she is, I lifted her up onto my chest and watched as my friends' faces fell. We had an exploding poo situation that went all the way up Harper's back.  

Please take a moment to let this sink in.  

No diapers. No wipes. No change of clothes.  

And ED! Ed had just held Harper in his crisp clean starched white shirt. If you take another look at the photo above, you can now actually see that Harper is secretly looking up at smiling Ed thinking, "gotcha."


Here is Ed, post-soda water repair attempt and pre-return to fancy important job at the White House (and looking quite amused). 

Here is Harper, post-poop explosion and pre-return home, shoved back in her car seat on a stolen fancy restaurant linen napkin (and looking quite puzzled).


The good news is that this story will provide entertainment value to this crowd for years to come, especially considering these guys are keenly aware of how Type A I am. The other good news is that Ed happens to be the most laid back guy on the planet, who also has a 2-year old.

Today's lessons:

1. Keep diapers and wipes in the car. 

2. Inspect munchkin before passing her around to friends.  

3. Don't forget your diaper bag, bozo.