Four Months


At four months, you hold your head up proudly and you constantly check out the scene around you. You sit up... until you topple over. You absolutely know that your legs are for kicking. You absolutely do not know that they are also for standing.

You always want to be part of the action, especially during the day when it is time to eat. During these times, you cry as if you've been cheated, and you tend to eat for three minutes before backing up and grinning at me. You'll be quite the flirt.

During the day, the car is by far your favorite place to sleep. The crib is your least favorite. You'll cuddle up for a nap on someone who loves you, but not before you put in a valiant attempt to keep both eyes open. During the night, you sleep well, and often until 3 am on your first stretch. Thank you.

You practice vowel sounds when you are happy (googoo, eeoohh, cooohh). You practice consonants when you are mad (brrring brrrriinng, muhmuhmuh, nahnahnah). You love your hands - eating them, playing with them, studying them. You especially love your thumb.

Best of all, you giggle everyday!  When your tummy is tickled, when your feet are kissed, and sometimes, when your mom or dad walk into the room. There is nothing better.