Five Months


At five months, you are kicking, reaching, grabbing, and putting everything within reach in your mouth. You roll over onto your side just as soon as we put you on your back, and you can now officially press yourself up onto those little arms and take in the world on your tummy - for about 90 seconds until you make it very clear that you really do much prefer to kick and bat your toys around from your back. I'm very proud of those 90 seconds though - we've worked hard for them.

You love to sit up with a little help and you get very bold and lean forward with all of your might. Today, this meant that you hit your head on the corner of the block right where 6 meets 4 just a few moments after I took that picture. You. Were. Mad.  

You've discovered your feet - watching them, patting them together and almost, but not quite, grabbing them. You've discovered your stomach - batting it with your arms while seemingly trying to propel yourself while you kick. Most importantly, you've discovered Bruno. Everything about him. You watch him from across the room, reach for him when he is nearby, grab his face as soon as you can get your hands on it, and smile with an open mouth when he licks your face. 

At night, you roll on your side and suck your thumb when you fall asleep. And you suddenly look like such a big girl doing it. You sleep through the night, with the exception of a quick 4 am cry when you have shimmied yourself to the end of your crib and are kicking it. You wake up happy and smile from ear to ear when we come to get you. During the day, you often make it known that waking up from your nap is excrutiatingly painful. I'm sorry to say that you got this from me. 

You literally light up when your dad walks into a room. And if he's nearby, you have no interest in eating because you know you could be giggling at him instead.  

You are taking in everything around you. Your little head is on a swivel and you follow everyone you see around the room. You are fascinated by other small people, by new noises, by new shapes and colors. This makes me very happy because this is the week when you will meet your new buddies at daycare, and while my heart actually aches at the thought of not being with you for so much of the day when I go back to work, I am so comforted by the fact that you so clearly delight in new people.  

I will say this for your whole life, but I literally cannot believe that you are already five months old.   

We are so happy.