Six Months


At six months, you are experimenting with your vocal chords daily (most recently with a new high pitched "ooh" sound) and grabbing everything within reach. Yesterday, you were sitting in your Bumbo chair when I suddenly realized you were pulling over a glass vase. Clearly, though you're not yet on the move, we are entering the long phase when we need to keep our eyes much more permanently fixed on you.

You are absolutely filled with glee when Bruno licks your hands and you are visibly confused when he is not paying attention to you. Your Bruno giggles are your best giggles. Your bathtime giggles - when we wash under your neck and hit your ticklish spot - are a close second. 

You are eating, sleeping, talking and happy at daycare, and you have expanded the world of people you love to include Gladys. This is the very best thing.

If I had to guess, I'd say "daddy" is going to be your first word. You love him so much that you now reach for his face with your entire body whenever you get the chance. 

You still love to snuggle. And you still don't know how to stand. But I'll take the snuggling over the standing anyday. You have figured out how to roll from your tummy to your back. I thought this would mean that you'd start to like tummy time. Instead, this just means that you flip over literally the second that our hands come off you, and then you proudly beam up at us with a huge smile. You may likely decide not to ever learn to crawl. 

Speaking of, your smile. It's hard to even do it justice. It gets bigger and brighter everyday, and you now smile with your eyes. It is the best thing to wake up to, the best thing to see after work, and the best thing thing to see before bedtime.

Everyone says this time goes too quickly, and I now understand why. But on the other hand, you just keep getting more and more fun.  

(P. S. I was secretly worried when I went back to work that I wouldn't have anything to say this month because I'm not with you all day, every day. That was silly. What a relief.)