Seven Months

(And a few days...) 


At seven months, you are smiley, giggly, and busy.

You are sitting, reaching, grabbing, leaning, and toppling over with vigor. You swat at your tummy any time you get the chance (especially in the bath) and you have discovered that sucking on your toes is even more fun than sucking on your thumbs. You are babbling. And cooing. And making a sort of deliberate hiccupping sound when you are excited. 

You know who your mom and your dad are and you expect to see both of us first thing in the morning. If dad's in the shower when you wake up, you look for him and are not satisfied until you get to say hi to him. And, speaking of, you have figured out how to wave! A sort of crinkled twisty motion with your hand - mostly your left - that you use about one tenth of the time we say "HI!!!" You also like to practice when you think we're not looking, and when you're eating.

You are eating real food! You love carrots and sweet potatoes but don't love green beans and peas. You are still deciding about avocado. I'm confident that the decision you make will be the right one.

You are a star sleeper. I know I will regret saying this out loud, but we are currently so lucky because you happily go to bed around 7:30 and you wake up around 6:15. I know this will not last forever, but I'm grateful that it's what we get now.

And speaking of 6:15... you'll later understand that I am the opposite of a morning person. But, I often find myself thinking when I drift off to sleep that the morning can't come soon enough because I can't wait to see your huge smile.