Definition: Labor of Love (noun)

Pumping in: four planes, three hotel rooms, two hotel lobbies, two airports, one restaurant bathroom (where pump part was left and subsequently retrieved on the other part of The Hague by the nicest hotel staff on the planet at 11 pm), and one Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the middle of the Quai d'Orsay. 

Transporting: one empty, unchecked, tear-stained Tottenham Hotspurs cooler across the Atlantic post-Paris trip and corresponding argument with airport security regarding permissibility of milk in carry-on (apparently not without baby in much of Europe, which lead to the tragic and traumatic disposal of many days of liquid gold); and, one fully stocked, fully ice-packed and fully checked Tottenham Hotspurs cooler across the Atlantic post-Hague/Brussels trip. 


As an aside, I'm sure Grambie and Uncle Ted thought this cooler's primary responsibility was going to be as beer-not-boobmilk vessel when they gave it to for Darren for his birthday!

Also, in case there was any question, I apparently like things that are navy.