Eight Months


At eight months, you are a smiling, giggling, rolling bundle of fun. Each day, you find more and more things incredibly interesting and often hysterical. I feel like your facial expressions are somehow bigger and brighter every day.

You are on the move. Rolling is your preferred mode of transport, and you are picking up astonishing speed and precision, especially to the left. You are reaching, wriggling and squirming and can hardly be left alone. Just when I think I've accurately assessed your reach from your chair, your hands are pulling down a water glass from what seems like an impossible distance.

You love to sit and play with your stackable toys, and you have figured out how fun it is to be destructive. Knocking over your tower of rings is your new favorite pastime. You've also figured out what it means to bump your head and pick back up again, since a big part of sitting is toppling over yourself.  

You are ticklish. Mostly on your thighs and your neck. When you giggle, it's with your whole body, and with your head thrown back in delight.

You are adaptable, good natured, and happy. You love to spend time with the continuously expanding world of people who love you. This month, you spent your first days with mom gone and your first day with mom and dad gone. You thrived. When we came home, you looked from me to Darren to Maria to Jon and back again, with a huge smile, as if to say, "you're here! And you're here! And you're here! And YOU'RE here!" 

You are so loved.