Ten Months


At ten months, you are happy, happy, happy. You light up at the people you love - a huge community of our family, friends, and the women at daycare. You call out to and giggle at Bruno every time he's within your sights. You watch new people you meet intently, and most often break out in a shy but captivating smile to them, too.

You are conquering a new physical feat each week. Sometimes two. You're standing, stepping with help, and pulling yourself up. Your disdain for tummy time has now translated into a scoot-crawl from seated. You will not let your belly button touch the floor.

You have a lot to say. Sometimes with the words "mama," "dada," and "haa" (hi). These all seem to have multiple meanings and are often interchangeable. And you have entire conversations with yourself and others that are comprised of "nah nah" and multiple high pitched cooing sounds.

You form strong bonds, not just to people but also to things. Your stacking rings remain the favorite despite the introduction of many new flashier items. You are mildly obsessed with IPhones. You say goodnight each night to your rhino, owl, penguin, Peter Rabbit, and your framed photo of you and baby Dylan. Always in that order. You recently discovered tennis balls and your reaction when another friend grabbed one was pure outrage. Sharing might not be your strong suit. 

You are changing and growing so fast. What remains constant is that you make us smile all.the.time.