Nine Months

Apparently vacation, work travel, and sleepless nights mean we are a bit behind, but...

At nine and a half months, you are 17lb 12 oz heavy (40th percentile) and 28 inches long (58th percentile).  Your head is 44.5 cm around (65th percentile).


You are so busy! Rolling, reaching, reaching, reaching and alllllllmmmmooossttt crawling. Pulling yourself proudly up on your two feet when we hold our hands out to you. Clapping your hands, our hands, your toys, and anything else you can find. Waving, waving, everyone, but especially to dogs.

You are also busy at night. Waking up and pushing yourself up on your arms, rolling, kicking, almost crawling and also totally freaking out because you don't understand why you're awake. This has meant frequent family wake ups at 11, 1, 3, and 5. We have embarked on your third round of sleep training. 

You are determined. You've started pursing your lips and making a huffing and puffing noise out of your nose when you are really working at something.  

You are opinionated. You want to say hi to Bruno when you come home after daycare, and you won't rest until you do. You call out what seems to be a version of hi - more like a "HAA!" when you want someone to pay attention to you. You hate when mom or dad walk out of the room and will make it known IMMEDIATELY.

You have teeth! Two of them. And you've celebrated by happily eating anything that we put in front of you. Your palate has expanded to include all of the meats that your dad likes so much, including pulled pork. 

Your true passion is splashing. You love the water and are content to spend an hour in any pool even long after other little ones get cold and tired. Your eyes light up at the sight of your whale bath.

You're becoming a real little person right before our eyes.