Eighteen Months


How are you already 18 months old?!  

You are a marching, climbing, running, dancing, talking whirlwind of joy.

Your language is exploding. Your most frequently used words are: mama, dada, puppy, harper, outside, apple, bye bye, baby, ball, more, and mine. These are of course mixed in with your Spanish vocabulary, including a mi (to me) and agua (water), and lots of other words that I don't know. You are putting together new word combinations each day. Yesterday it was, "puppy down!" (as we walked down the stairs), followed by gleeful claps when he promptly followed. You say "outside," for outside and inside. You respond to full sentences. "Time for bath and night night?" "Yeh!" and off you march toward the stairs. "Say bye bye to Bruno?" "Yeh!" and off you toddle to give him a full body snuggle.

You love: your magnetic fruit and veggie set with cutting knife (all lovingly referred to as "apples," including the pear and the orange), your stuffed guys (all lovingly referred to as "owls," including the panda, rhino, and multiple penguins), and Bruno ("puppy," "doggie," or simply just "mine"). And your babies. All of a sudden. You pile them all in your arms and put them to bed constantly all over the house (on pillows, blankets, or in Bruno's bed). 

You are IN-DE-PEN-DENT. This means cutting your food yourself, applying your bedtime lotion yourself, and putting your shoes on yourself. Or trying to. Over and over and over again. You will happily read to yourself and your guys, color on your own, and entertain yourself with puzzles and blocks. You are determined and persistent. You are a girl who knows what she wants and often wants it now. This will undoubtedly all translate into "leadership skills." Right now it translates into biting your friends at daycare. Trust me, I know what it's like to want to just finish that puzzle without interference. You seem to have inherited a thing or two from me (THANKS MOM).  

You laugh with your full body. A LOT. And with your head thrown back. And you've discovered how to play games. The latest involves pulling me over to your starting line where the hardwood meets the kitchen slate, and racing me to the back of the house. You are continuously disappointed by Bruno's lack of enthusiasm for this game.  

Despite turning into an actual little girl, you still snuggle in at night and before nap time. You often close your book yourself, turn over, look me straight in the eyes and say "nigh nigh" before plopping your heavy head on my shoulder.  

You bring us so much happiness each and every day. We are the absolute luckiest and you are so very loved.