Nine Months


To our Rocie bean,

You are crawling, cruising, and charming everyone you meet with your big eyes and your big smile. 

You have boundless energy and make your way from one side of our living room to the other in seconds, almost always aiming straight for Bruno's water bowl. You start to learn a physical skill one day and literally master it by the end of the week. Last week, it was cruising next to the table with two hands. This week, it will be one hand and sooner than we can imagine, you're going to go hands free. 

You are small but mighty. 17 lbs, 4.5 oz and 27.25 inches of moving wriggling giggling energy. Yesterday, you grabbed hold of Dadda's ladder and started bouncing up down with excitement to the music. 



You're "talking!" A bit. Some "mama," some "dada," some "ba." Not always on target but getting clearer by the day. And with so much pride. Your grin now shows your three tooth, with a fourth on its (painful) way.

You delight in your sister, your puppy, his toys and his food. And music. And wires. And boxes. And chairs to climb and stairs to climb and tables to scoot under. 

Can you tell you are keeping us busy? We wouldn't have it any other way. You brighten all of our days.

We love you.