Four Months!


It's a big week for birthdays around here! 

Baby Roycee, my little bean, 

You are: 13 lbs, 3 oz, and 24 1/4 inches long. Small but mighty (and brainy?), clocking in at the 8th percentile for weight, 14th for height, and 38th in head circumference ☺️.

You are babbling, and gurgling, and cooing, and SMILING. THOSE CHEEKS. I could just eat them up. You giggle and chortle and generally have me doing the same all day long. You are ticklish under your chin and the sound of your laugh just makes my heart burst. 

You are busy and strong. You kick with intense focus on the tubby each night and you want to stand up on those little legs all day. You proudly press up on your elbows and take in the world on your tummy and you've rolled over a handful of times... soon we won't be able to stop you. Your eyes are shining and laser-focused...mostly on your sister. Also on me. It's the best feeling. 

You are patient. Much more patient than any Fernandez females. Probably because you have to be, but also probably because you are like your daddy (thank goodness! Two of me is probably enough around here). And speaking of daddy, you got his handsome looks. Everywhere we go, everyone says you look just like him. 

Life is so much sweeter with you in it, my guy. Mama loves you, Dadda loves you, and Harper loves you so much she nearly squishes you with all of that love daily.