Five Months

To our baby Roycee, 

You are five months! And are a rolling, giggling, babbling bundle of sweetness. Your smile lights up the room and you can most often be found absolutely cracking up at your sister (exhibits A,B, and D, below). You are becoming very busy. You want to stand up all the time and have quickly learned how to roll across the room. You are grabbing and gurgling and babbling. You are eating tons (32 oz of milk the other day, and then some formula 😮!) and your cheeks are putting on a good display. And you're giggling. I used a washcloth to get into those neck rolls last night before bed and you let out some hearty chuckles and I found myself absolutely giggling in response. You patiently absorb a smothering amount of love and attention from your sister (see exhibits E, F, G below). And when you're awake, your big, beaming smile is almost always spread across your face. 

You bring us so, so much happiness. We love you so and cannot wait to see what the next few months for you hold.