7 months


Our little Roycie, 

You are ON THE MOVE! You are army crawling with amazing speed and precision, and each day you prop yourself further up on those knees and are ready for full-crawl lift off. We can hardly keep up with the army crawl, so I can't imagine how fast you'll be when you are truly on all fours in a few days.

You love: your Harper, your Bruno, and all of your toys that crinkle. You love every food we put in front of you. And you love music! Your eyes light up when I sing to you and your head turns on a swivel when we play music in the house (it's moana all day these days.) You are generally an easy traveler, but on the off times when you're not, you stop crying when Harper belts out her special version of twinkle twinkle or ABCD in the car. 

And you love to smile. You are simply the the smiliest and most easy going little guy there is. You giggle with your entire body and your head thrown back in delight. You patiently roll and crawl around the floor when Harper needs our full attention. And you cuddle. It's a new development, really. But in the past few months you have learned how to burrow in. Your post-nap warm cuddles are particularly delicious. 

A few months ago, I was impatient for you to start smiling. Now that you are, I want time to stand still. These months are flying by and I am trying to savor each snuggle, with those big bright eyes of yours gazing up at me.

We love you so.