Six Months, two weeks ago, and back to blogging



Baby Roycee,

You turned 6 months old nearly two weeks ago, on the day we moved into our new house to be exact. And we've been in a whirlwind of unpacking, settling in, and figuring out our new routine ever since. And I also jetted off to Berlin for the long weekend for a friend's wedding and some quality time with your cousins. Needless to say, this is far overdue. 

Your smile. It just makes the world spin. You grin ear to ear and with your eyes and all the time and it is heart-bursting and wonderful. And you now giggle too. With your whole body. And sometimes, merely in anticipation of what's to come. 

Your crawl! It's astounding to see how quickly you've gone from debating the army crawl to seriously scooting yourself across a room. You do it with grit and determination and with zero fuss. Just getting the job done. Head down, one little elbow and knee at a time.  

And your appetite. It's growing by the day as you experience the wonders of real food. And between last Thursday when I went away and today, you've decided you'd like to dive your head straight at the spoon in front of you and almost try to grab it yourself. You take great pride in your bites and your messy face. 

Your love for your sister and your capacity to go with the flow as we drag you from house to house and place to place are absolutely boundless. 

You make us so happy and are so very loved!