Dear Roycie,

You are one. And have been for several weeks, but one of the best things about you is you go with the flow and put up with a constant level of chaos in our family. And we are grateful. 

You are simply the smiliest, sweetest baby there is. You only fuss when you urgently need something - which has now translated to anytime when you aren’t allowed to feverishly crawl up or down the stairs. You giggle with your full body and your two front teeth and bottom four teeth proudly on display. You delight in your puppy, your sister, and your Dadda - which is by far your favorite word. 

You endure smothering love full body tackles from Harper. Each time, I gasp, but you laugh. You “play” with her now. Yesterday you played going shopping. This weekend you played dress-up. This morning you played “going to work in mama’s closet.” You have made her the happiest big sister. 

You are walking! Two weeks ago you had total jello legs. Last week you looked like a drunken sailor. This week you are precise, fast, picking up items and avoiding obstacles along the way. You climb everything to the tallest peak- the couch, the stairs, the huge white beanbag in the playroom. You love any ball and every truck. And the broom. A lot. You play fetch with Bruno, and with yourself. You keep us running and on our toes. 

You are waving and cheersing and clapping and dancing (bopping) and saying dadda (always), mama (hardly), Harper (sometimes), Bah! (Bruno), Duh! (Cheers) and tonight, while mimicking me, a version of “mmm-hmm.” 

You dive-nuzzle into us for cuddles, head first and with gusto. You are such a warm smiling ball of happiness, and I watch you with so much awe these days as your brain and your body work overtime to learn all the things.

We really can’t believe how lucky we are with the two of you. I’m so excited to see what’s next.

We love you so.